You Could be Liable for Unlicensed Electric Work

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It can be a massive headache for you to have the electrical work upgraded in your Hawaii home. You have to start by finding a qualified electrician for the job ad could be left writing a big check for a job that could mean opening holes in your walls and creating quite a mess in your house, even if it just temporary. No one wants to sit through a massive electrical project only to find that they have to tear it all out and start from the beginning. This could be what you have to do if the electrician you hire isn’t licensed to handle the job. An unlicensed contractor may be cheap at first, but they can end up cost you even more in the long run if they don’t stick to the building code. The one left liable for all those faults in the wiring is, of course, you.

  • Sticking to the Building Codes

Contractors may complain that they need to follow the local codes, but they exist because they help to ensure the work done to your home is done effectively and safely. Local code standards are essential as far as electrical work goes because bad wiring and connections may cause short circuits and electrical fires that put everyone at risk.

This is why electrical technicians are required to have proper licenses, secure permits, and arrange for inspections of a home project. Unfortunately some electricians give into the temptation of skipping code requirements because of the time and money they would spend complying to them. They may quote a lower price for you, but poor workmanship ends up costing even more money in the end.

  • Reduce your Liability Risk

If the local government gets wind of you working on electrical projects then they may send an inspector out to your Hawaii home to check the work. If they decide it isn’t up to code then you need to rectify the issue before you can pass the inspection. If you are using an unlicensed electrician, then there’s little you can do to rectify the situation other than pull out your wallet once more and pay a licensed electrician to redo everything. In the worst-case scenario that the faulty wiring causes fires that injure or kill others, then you are the one left liable for a hefty amount.

Licensed electricians have more incentive to stick to the Hawaii building codes from the beginning, given that they stand to lose their license and certification if they fail to do so. It’s also easier to recoup your investments and losses if the work is unsafe or incomplete when you can prove that you did in fact hire a licensed electrician and are not the one at fault.

  • Get the Job Done Right

If you want to avoid issues with the building code and permits, then you need to hire licensed electricians in Kaneohe for your electrical work. Make sure you ask them to provide you with the permits. Keep yourself and your home safe by only hiring a competent contractor in order to ensure the work is done properly the first time around.