How to detect and solve electrical problems at home

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The most important thing always before any domestic problem is to guarantee your safety and that of yours. That’s why today we share with you some advice from our colleagues and colleagues from HomeServe USA, one of the companies with which we share the brand of our parent company HomeServe.

Speak English, Spanish or any other language in the world, professional electricians agree that, in case of doubt or ignorance of what kind of problem we face, it is best to put it in the hands of an expert to avoid danger.

If you do not know, do not touch
Golden Rule. Speaking of electricity, the risk of something going wrong and causing personal and material damage is very great. That is why a meticulous and experienced execution is necessary to leave everything impeccable for a long time.

Determine if the problem is internal or external
There is no electricity? From time to time, the power cuts come from outside the house, and may make you think that something is wrong only in yours. First, check if this is the case (you can call your electric company or consult your neighbors).

If it were an external problem, never try to solve it by yourself. It is the responsibility of the electric company to carry out any type of repair in public spaces, in addition to a potentially much greater risk for you to manipulate this type of material with more power.

Before operating, make sure you have disconnected the electricity from the house
Go to the electrical panel (usually at the entrance of the house) and lower the main switch. This way you will make sure you do not get a shock when operating any cable.

When you have finished, remember to raise the main switch again and check if, when connecting the repaired parts, there is no problem or jump automatically when detecting a fault.