The collar of electric impulses

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We are in the 21st century, we are in the era of technology, of robotics. Our homes are full of complicated devices but very simple to use, almost all devices have remote control, everything works with buttons and everything is easy, just press a button. That same facility that we have access to is the one that sometimes complicates our lives, because we make the button the center of the world and we forget to THINK. Through this article I will try to learn how to handle the device that interests us, the collar of electrical impulses, when we can use it, how and above all that you think before giving the button.

The collar of electrical impulses has been “wrong-calling” training collar. I say badly-called precisely because a collar of impulses does not train, its mission is to reinforce, to correct, to avoid behavior, but for that you need previously an understanding on the part of the dog. The dog must know what we asked him before punishing him. Yes, the necklace punishes and also reinforces negatively, everything depends on the moment and for what it is used.

I will give a simple example that I think will be easy to understand. We are going to imagine a child who comes to school and they begin to teach him toys, they explain what a sum is and that by joining two toys from here and two from there they add 4 toys, well, the child already knows what a sum is, now it should only be applied and if it does not, it can be punished in the corner. Let’s suppose now that the same child arrives at school and they directly tell him how much these toys add up? And before the wrong answer of the child, they send him directly to the corner, or he receives a capon as they did to us before, will that child learn? DO NOT. So how do some people pretend that a dog with a degree of intelligence incomparable with human LEARN BASED ON SQUASH?

We are going to make this clear, that nobody uses the collar without having previously educated the dog, and without knowing in what way the dogs learn.